AI company raises $ 16 million to create Metaverse NFT

Alethea AI, the software developer who created the world’s first” smart NFT, ” has received $ 16 million in funding through the sale of private tokens by a metaverse inhabited by its bots. 

Leading investors in coin sale will be NFT metapurse Fund and investments capital, along with billionaire investor Mark Cuban, Dapper Labs, BITKRAFT, Galaxy, Interactive, Sfermion and capital thickness, according to the announcement by aletea.

For those who don’t know, the NFT is a digital property document that can be linked to almost anything, such as artwork, audio or video content. NFTs are typically processed and stored on the ethereum blockchain. 

But Aletea wants the nft world to go beyond videos and expensive artwork and turn into something with “fully interactive, engaging and autonomous agents who can learn and thrive from the environment.”;

Thus, the NFTS that will fill the meta universe will be intelligent NFTS (infts) created by Alethea: robots for machine learning that can make human-like conversations. The decoding was spoken to earlier this year by someone called Alice, who sold for $ 478,800 at auction in June.

The idea is that their personalities will be able to communicate in a parallel, automated, AI-controlled world with a lot of information. 

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Major investors were so impressed with Alice that Aletea was able to raise $ 16 million in private token sales. Tokens allow their owners to show interest in the virtual world. Aletia, meanwhile, is getting paid to start construction Dec.

“Aletea’s thesis is that NFT will provide the ultimate private infrastructure for an emerging meta – universe driven by Interactive and intelligent avatars,” the announcement said. “The artificial intelligence infrastructure built by Alethea will serve as the essential connective tissue that enables NFT to “come to life” as interactive media assets with personality traits, preferences and reality-

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