AI and its role in the axis token October

The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning has optimized the architecture of various technology industries to previously unthinkable levels. AI and ml have significantly reduced human error and simplified the process, saving the industry millions of dollars. 

Artificial intelligence can understand the complex nature and workflow of the machine and automate the entire process without any margin of error. Of course, every industry has been seduced by this revolutionary technology and incorporated into the workflow to gain a competitive advantage. 

LaneAxis, a revolutionary platform for managing cargoes without intermediaries, uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to improve the lives of shippers and truck drivers. LaneAxis offers a revolutionary platform that allows shippers and drivers to communicate directly and eliminate middlemen and gatekeepers. Platform, easy delivery tracking, access to databases collected by AI, payment tool, etc. allows FreightVISION to be used with the application. 

I have a question about you:
LaneAxis has quickly become popular as the best platform for blockchain and AI-based payload management, thanks to a variety of use cases and an easy-to-use interface. The Platform aims to fix the inefficiencies of the current U.S. transportation industry using blockchain. 

LANEAXIS ‘ service Icon, The AXIS token, achieves this success by providing access to a large database that Laneaxis collects with artificial intelligence that includes information about third parties such as shippers, truck drivers, and insurance companies. LaneAxis also supports real-time monitoring, achieving regulatory compliance, etc. it makes it easier. 

AI plays an integral role in the basic laneaxis protocol and October token. This allows the axis token to provide unique use cases such as:

Provision of collected data and knowledge economy

LaneAxis has created the most valuable database in the freight industry with route data, delivery times, dock delays and traffic.

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