Africrypt bitcoin robbery: tegenstridige rapporten on the location of de bestwurders.

In a new twist to the Africrypt saga, two different reports have made conflicting claims about the whereabouts of Rais and Amir Kaji, two executives of the investment company linked to the collapse of Bitcoin. But both reports suggest the Kaji brothers had planned to escape before an alleged hacking incident in April.

Vanuatu Or, Tanzania
In its report, the British edition of the Daily Mail claims to have examined documents showing Rais bought his Vanuatu citizenship in October 2020 for about $ 131,000 (£95,000). In about three months, Amir will make a similar purchase. The same report said the Kaji brothers ‘ disappearance suggested they were motivated by a fear that the criminal gang wanted to harm them.

Interestingly, the brothers ‘ claims that they fled South Africa appear to be supported by the moneyweb report to avoid being harmed by an organised crime syndicate. The report features the Kaji brothers, who claim they were under death threats after the collapse of Africrypt. These are the death threats Rais uses to justify his joint decision to flee the country.

However, the South African network moneyweb appears to contradict Rais ‘ claim that he and his brother were hiding in Vanuatu. Instead, he issued a statement signed by rais stating that he was in Tanzania when he signed the document. The signing of the statement appears to have been triggered by the decision of South Africa’s Supreme Court to issue a temporary order to abolish Africrypt.

In the morning
As noted in the Moneyweb report, the Supreme Court is expected to make a final decision in the coming months or not. However, before this decision is made, stakeholders present their case, hence the written testimony of Raees.

Meanwhile, in his affidavit, Rais again decries allegations that $ 3.6 billion of investor funds disappeared under the supervision of the Kaji brothers. Instead, Rais t suggests

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