Adviser to Colombia’s president calls bitcoin “the brightest software in history”

Jehudi Castro Sierra, an adviser to Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez, calls bitcoin “the most brilliant software in history.”
Castro-Sierra, an adviser to Colombia’s president, called Bitcoin “the brightest software,” Guo told Cyptopotato.
During the interview, Sierra Castro explained that her job was to advise the president on all issues related to technology and digital transformation. In this light, the country began to focus more on bitcoin.
“I approached bitcoin as a big open source project. After a while, I also became interested in the monetary innovations they represent, and I continue to discover incredible new things every day,” Sierra Castro said during the interview.
He continued: “one of the main problems at the moment is related to cryptocurrencies. We have an innovative sandbox where we allow exchanges to easily and securely cover citizens. The idea is to create a friendly arrangement with the information gathered in this sandbox that drives innovation and attracts investment.”

Castro showed the depth of his understanding, saying there was a 50 percent drop in karma correction after China’s ban. He said the network was “reacting as expected,” which would increase the chances of success for miners staying and connecting in the network during migration. Since then, the karma rate has improved, he said.
Castro Sierra also spoke with Salvador about bitcoin adoption. He called it a”bold move.””He did not mention whether the Colombian nation would address the issue of accepting bitcoin as a legal tender.
The advisory’s bullish notes come after South American countries such as Paraguay and Argentina showed interest in introducing bitcoin and mining as a protection against rampant inflation, as well as providing energy from renewable sources to miners migrating from China.

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