ADVFN “Best Trading Alert Service” award goes to Inteligex

inteligex algo trading

In the competitive space that is Trade Alert systems, Inteligex has shone through with it’s Artificial Intelligence driven algorithms to win Best Trading Alert Service.  The business which started only last year is already making waves in this space with its great trading results and exceptional levels of customer service.

“At Inteligex we are focused on creating a truly great product supported by exceptional customer service and this award shows that we’re getting it right!  We give Retail Traders the best tools possible in order to trade profitably no matter what the markets are doing”  said Co-Founder Peter Northwood.

Mark Sear, Co-Founder added “Our customers tell us that Inteligex ensures they control their trading risk, removes emotional stressors and minimizes trading losses.  They particularly value the ongoing training that we give as part of the package”.  “If you need to rebuild your account and stop making the same old mistakes or if you just want to improve your trading then Inteligex is for you”.

At the heart of Inteligex is a very clever mathematical model that has been built using AI to decode millions of market data points.  Using this deep learning Inteligex delivers clear trading signals and predicts where the markets are going as well as enabling Traders to comprehensively manage risk.  Trading is a high-risk business and controlling that risk is central to Inteligex.

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