Adoption of the Government: Texas Cryptos To Lower Hungary Taxes

The ruling class is returning to the crypto space. One of the biggest stories of recent months has been the corporate adoption of cryptocurrencies. Governments can then pursue the case. Corporate buyers and large corporations from MicroStrategy to Square, Visa to Goldman Sachs are slowly moving through space. The money attracted them and their assets created a feedback loop that fed prices. This is as Bitcoinist reported when discussing a possible government ban: billionaires, millionaires and corporations have significant lobbying power. If companies fall behind Bitcoin in this way and the market cap reaches $ 1 trillion or more, the impact of a government proposal will be too great to justify it. Positive government action is happening everywhere. Still, we are at the beginning of the game. Related reading | The call for regulation in the Bitcoin crypto world is growing in Texas Cryptocurrencies are not yet owned in Texas. The law 4474, defining them as such, was approved by the lower house. However, the bill is now submitted to the Senate, which is a giant step forward. Governor Greg Abbot recently tweeted, “Count me as a supporter of a crypto bill. It is increasingly used for transactions and is starting to be a regular investment. (Fidelity, etc. trying to get Bitcoin ETF). Texas should lead this region, as we did in the goldfield. Subdivision (29-a) of the invoice in question states that "Virtual currency" means a numerical representation of the value that functions as a medium of exchange, a unit of account and / or a store of value and is usually secured using the blockchain. Technology.The “ exchange agent, unit of account and / or store of value '' tag BTC price chart on Bittrex | Source: BTC / USD on Hungary halved across the pond Minister Mihály Varga announced measures to revive post-COVID economy.

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