Adam offers to buy a 111 Tesla Model 3 if Elon Musk's company accepts Bitcoin Cash for payments

On April 20, a YouTube channel video called "" captured the Bitcoin Cash community. The channel presenter at a Tesla dealership's parking lot, in his latest video, explains that Elon Musk plans to buy a 111 Tesla Model 3 if Tesla gets it to accept Bitcoin Cash directly for cars. The 111 Tesla Model 3 will be purchased, as Elon Musk forces Tesla to accept Bitcoin Cash.Just recently, electric car manufacturer Tesla announced that it will accept bitcoin (BTC) for payments and also stated that the parts will not be sold. for fiat. Recently, the host of the YouTube channel said he would buy 111 Tesla Model 3 cars. However, the host of the educational YouTube channel that "teaches people how to make their first million dollars" wishes Elon Musk to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in exchange for the offer. The host is a Tesla fan and the model can be seen in many of his previous videos. The host of the educational YouTube channel says that Elon Musk promises to buy 111 Tesla cars if Tesla gets it to accept bitcoin cash payments. The host has been posting videos on YouTube for three years, and his hobby is "educating others about financial freedom." The cost of purchasing the Tesla Model 3 111-2021 from the base MSRP of about $ 38,500 per vehicle will cost more than $ 4.2 million. He also shows a wallet in the parking lot of a Tesla dealer that can buy three Tesla Model 3 cars filled with BCH on his smartphone. "I'm back to Tesla, as you can see," said's host. “They don't know I'm here and I also want to surprise everyone at Tesla, especially Elon Musk. As a 10x special celebration at [Bitcoin Cash], a friend and I, a big bitcoin cash supporter, came up with some great ideas on how to get Elon Musk to accept bitcoin cash for payments. . "Many Bitcoin Cash holders have a lot of money and want to spend it" Read more

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