Actor Mila Kunis made the statement 'I use cryptocurrency' after entering Bitcoin with Ashton Kutcher 8 years ago.

Actress Mila Kunis revealed that she and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, started investing in Bitcoin eight years ago. He initially thought investing in Bitcoin was “ a terrible idea. But now he's using cryptocurrencies and says he's never been this happy because he's wrong. Mila Kunis, Bitcoin Famous film and television actress Mila Kunis, who is married to famous film and television actress Ashton Kutcher, spoke with Stephen Colbert about Bitcoin at The Late Show on Thursday. He explained that Kutcher will pass these on to him before making an investment. “The best thing about him is that he's very clever about being involved and making sure I'm on top of everything that happens,” Kunis said. She started dating Kutcher in 2012 and the couple got married in July 2015. “It's also very smart to know that sometimes you shouldn't listen to your wife,” he says. "Two things happened at the beginning of our meeting," said Kunis. It was Uber and Bitcoin. After listening to him and explaining that Uber is "like a taxi company, but anyone can use it," Kunis said, "This is the worst idea ever." When he asked him to try the service, he panicked. 'Are you going to get me in the car with a stranger? What is the problem?' I was very angry with him, ”she remembers. When he thought of the bitcoin idea to him, Kunis said, “He put me down and said, 'Hey honey, I have to explain this to you, tell me if I'm crazy.'“ There's something, like mining for money. This is called a cryptocurrency. And this company exists "- more than eight years ago -" It's called Bitcoin. “I think it's a terrible idea” and he said “Great, we're investing in it.” So he didn't mean it, it's always happening. The player confirmed that he and Kutcher have been into Bitcoin for eight years. He admitted he was worried that he was not insured, but Ku

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