• Acting NASA chief says 2024 Moon landing no longer a “realistic” target

    Enlarge / Engineer Steve Jurczyk has been serving as NASA’s acting administrator since Jim Bridenstine resigned on January 20.

    NASA’s acting administrator said Wednesday evening that the goal of landing humans on the Moon by 2024 no longer appears to be feasible.

    "The 2024 lunar landing goal may no longer be a realistic target due to the last two years of appropriations, which did not provide enough funding to make 2024 achievable," the acting administrator, Steve Jurczyk, told Ars. "In light of this, we are reviewing the program for the most efficient path forward.”

    Two weeks ago Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, said the new administration would support the space agency’s Artemis program to land astronauts on the Moon and set the stage for an eventual human mission to Mars. Jurczyk said during an interview that NASA has welcomed a vote of confidence from the Biden administration.
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