According to Trader Tyler Swoope, here are the top 10 cryptos to keep as market volatility shifts at Extreme Speed

Crypto trader Tyler Swap reveals the top 10 assets to hold as volatility returns to crypto markets.

In a new video, Swap tells its 259,00 YouTube subscribers that the number one on its list is Oracle’s decentralized Chainlink network (link).

While the link is at the top of the traders list, Swope said it had cut crypto asset investments from 40% in October 2020 to just 24% this month, with other sub-codes making more profits.

Number two is the project Alchemist (MIST) unchangeable token (NFT). Swap said it was not exposed to the fog in October, but that changed because it said low-cap crypto had activated 20% of that portfolio.

The third coin is Swope-bitcoin. It increased its holdings in the leading cryptocurrency from 17% to 19%, and BTC grew by more than 229% in eight months, according to the analyst.

The fourth is Ethereum, where Swope shares rose more than $ 2,000 from $ 375 in October. Despite the surge, the crypto trader emphasizes that it has slightly reduced its assets in the second largest crypto asset.

“But during the hype cycle in early 2021, I took the Aether and put it in some of these subcotes, like Alchemist and others. So even given the rise in Star prices, Ethereum has fallen slightly from 12% to 11% of my portfolio.” 

The Unibright Cloud Integration Program (UNI) was ranked fifth. Swope says that with uni growing by more than 300% in the last few months, crypto has now activated 7% of its portfolio.

Number six is the Energy Web Token (AWT), an auxiliary token for the energy sector. Swope noted that AWT fell from $ 6.92 in October to $ 5.20 this month, representing an 18% devaluation. Amid falling prices, Swope says it still collects a crypto token and now accounts for 5% of its inventory.

Swope Kusama (KSM) is seventh on the sandbox list for Polkadot projects (DOT).

“Kusama cost $ 29.50 on October 16. Against

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