According to crypto analyst Nicholas Merten, it’s “time to pay attention” to bitcoin-so

Leading crypto analyst Nicholas Merten points to Bitcoin and cryptology as the sector recovers from the recession.

In the new video, Merten tells his 466,000 subscribers that he believes Bitcoin is definitely on the rise.

“We are now just freed from all points of conflict … but there is also support in the previous support in February [$46,000]…

We got rid of the worries about the 6-8 month period for Bitcoin. So, lower levels with lower levels and higher levels, and lower levels as we talked about, a significant downward trend, in this case a tendency for the Bulls – Sunday for optimism.”

As for altkoinov, Merten says that although altkoins recover more slowly than bitcoin, he likes the signs he sees. Merten says it’s time to pay attention to altcoins and bitcoins and find opportunities in the Sunday.

Sunday Sunday, Merten finds wild growth in certain market sectors such as the nft (unalterable token) and the axie Infinity game project (AXS), suggesting that the rest of the market may start to grow.

“Top 50 altkoinov… in the last 8 days only 90% superior Bitcoin. That sounds awful … when really … now is a good time to reach the altcoins.…

One glaring sign is that you have a few emissions on the market… in general, you have several outliers. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing here in the NFT field with games like Axie Infinity … these are signs I like to see because in a few elite games it shows that people start taking risks, seeing value suggestions and basic acceptance and taking the next step.”


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