According to Altcoin daily, these four ethereum rivals will explode this year

Aaron Arnold, host of Altcoin Daily, offers a list of four ethereum competitors he expects in 2021.

The crypto trader is reporting to his 900,000 YouTube subscribers, who are developing as ethereum (ETH), that some of his rivals will be interested.

“I believe in a world where Ethereum is very valuable, and my investor thesis for ethereum is justified. I believe people will reflect and look at these compatible and ethereum competitors. Not all of them, the blue chips, the ones with good stats or the good stuff.”

First on Arnold’s list is smart contracts platform Solana (left). In a sign of the rapid adoption of the platform, he points to the USDC’s Solana-based stable coin version, a dollar that has reached $ 1 billion in circulation.

“Solana continues to conquer the Sunday. They build like the others and that’s why they make the list today.”

Arnold mentions Polkadot (Dot) as the second opponent of the ETH, which he believes will grow.

“So, all opinions now depend on Ethereum. All eyes are now chained even to Cardano. There are almost no Polkadot views. And this is a great opportunity for me.”

Cardano (Island) – the third altcoin on Arnold’s list. Crypto analyst says the platform could be higher than the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap as the smart contract launch approaches.

“Cardano is looking great, especially in the next month, especially in smart contracts. Other Cardano companies eventually receive a smart contract that is compatible with the contracts, and about a month or two before the end of the year, they are fully and fully supported by the smart contracts. That’s why I love Cardano.”

Elrond high capacity blockchain (EGLD) is the latest competitor to ETH on Arnold’s list.

“Elrond, actually a little bit like Chainlink (link), continues to integrate, continues to participate in partnerships. Elrond is building fast-and its ecosystems are expanding rapidly-like [sic] Solana [sic] Ethereum.”


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