According to Altcoin Daily, these crypto assets could grow 100 times

Austin and Aaron Arnold, hosts of Altcoin Daily, list the coins they believe have the potential to rise up to 100 times. In a new video, YouTubers and crypto analysts tell their 656,000 followers that the Messari crypto research tool and data analytics platform could give investors the opportunity to find out which small cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of the main venture capital funds. Les Arnolds explains that eliminating these crypto hedge fund investments could lead investors to the next coin that will raise 50x, 75x, and even 100x. Coinbase Ventures is a fund with several small market value investments in its loan. Aaron points out that the weakest market capitalization assets held by Coinbase Ventures are Rarible Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Projects (RARI) and Social Influencer Engagement Platform Rally (RLY). The NFT Rarible Marketplace RARI token has gained in value from around $ 1.50 to a low of $ 46.70 in the past six months, but its market cap is still only $ 80 million. Rally, a network that allows influencers to create fan engagement tokens and generate fan engagement, has a market capitalization of about $ 123 million, rising from $ 0.045 to $ 1.40. Arnolds also examines Pantera Capital's low-end options, including Injective Protocol (INJ) and API3. The pair points out that Pantera has additional assets with lower market value. However, the origins of these coins go back a little too far to make them convincing investments during this bull market, according to them. Injective, a decentralized derivatives platform, currently has a market capitalization of $ 176 million, up 1.915% from the November 2020 low of $ 0.65 to its current value of $ 13.10. Chainlink's (LINK) competitor API3 has a market capitalization of $ 160 million, up 627% from the November low of $ 1.04 with a transaction price of $ 7.57 at the time of transaction. article. Finally, the duo explore PolyChain Capital's small-cap PI Read more

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