About Zen and NFTs with the Creators of ZENFT

Metaversal is a Bankless newsletter for weekly level ups in NFTs, Virtual Worlds and Collectibles. How to deal with it? This week, I asked such questions to the pseudonymous founders of ZENFT Garden Society, a new AR- and VR-enabled NFT project they've created to evoke calming experiences and meditative feelings. The answers from these developers, which you will find below, provide some really interesting insights into how creators can approach NFT projects on Ethereum today. As ZENFT developer Seed Meister says, read on, enjoy and stay zen! 🧘🏻 -WMP 🙏 Sponsor: Nifty Gateway – buy, sell and store NFTs! ZENFT Garden Society 8ncient Gardeners chat with the creators of Eternal Caretaker and Seed Meister about NFTs! WMPZENFT Garden Society is a new NFT collection project around 8,888 AR and VR bonsai sculptures. Can you talk a little bit about the inspiration behind the project that led you to create this bonsai on Ethereum + NFTs and why now? We observed the artistic landscape of Eternal Watchmen NFT collections and saw many derivative projects. As career artists, copying and pasting the same ideas again did not appeal to us. We also saw a lot of chaos and fear beneath these falls, so we came up with Bonsai and ZENFT as a unique mood that people can get into. We wanted to create an environment of experience where people could focus on calming thoughts, a giving mindset, and generally be less stressful. We also felt that the opportunity to be creative with a non-avatar-based art project opened more doors for collectors' personalities to be associated with and even 'assigned' to their art. With the face of an avatar depicting a different personality, you are trapped in whatever the avatar visually presents. With artistic interpretations of bonsai, it was easier for people to enjoy their own creative interpretation of art. Actually, we don't

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