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As Defi continues to grow, the abi Foundation is launching XSWAP to enable the field to grow even further. XSWAP is a decentralized exchange (dex) and decentralized financing (Defi) service, and is the first of many applications in the abeychain blockchain. XSWAP services fill gaps in the market that have been decidedly ignored for a long time. It offers traders a completely decentralized platform to trade without the need for a central broker. XSWAP is the latest project of the Aiby Foundation.

Built on abeychain blockchain, which uses a hybrid consensus mechanism from a multi-level programmable blockchain, XSWAP has taken decentralization one step further thanks to its new functions. The launch of xswap on the Abeychain blockchain gives the community access to the growing abeychain user base, which has more than 100,000 members. An ecosystem that allows developers to use smart contracts and build applications on a network that is much faster and cheaper than its most famous rival, Ethereum.

New Way To Challenge
Xswap is entering the Sunday market with unprecedented features. Functions that want to override the way you trade on decentralized exchanges. These include an automated liquidity protocol and an automated market maker system. Both functions are not controlled or controlled by a central intermediary, unlike their traditional central exchange counterparts.

The automated liquidity protocol facilitates trading without having to wait for another trader to arrive before the transaction is completed. The xswap automated liquidity protocol is defined algorithmically, so transactions can be performed on the platform at a certain price. The trade will be completed in the presence of one or both parties, provided there is sufficient liquidity in the pool.

Automatic Market Maker is a new and innovative feature created by XSWAP. Uses its own mathematical algorithm executed by the xswap protocol to determine

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