AAVE Price Analysis: AAVE Breaks the 3-Month Trend As Prices Reach New Heights

AAVE price consolidating for almost a month Price breaks out of major resistance Reversed head and shoulders pattern bullish AAVE has been horizontally dormant with little movement from price for the past 3 months. As Ethereum continues to hit an all-time high, the bulls managed to break out of this trading range. After an increase of almost 600% in 2021, consolation was essential. AAVE's significant $ 428 S / N breach wiped out the price of a potential ATH breach. The price also managed to keep the price lower by breaking a quarterly trend line. If AAVE continues to hold these two key levels, we can expect prices to reach the $ 525 + level. AAVE Price Analysis: AAVE / USDT 1 Daily Chart AAVE printed an inverted head and shoulders pattern on the daily chart. This card broke the $ 428 split. If the AAVE cannot sustain the split, the price threatens to drop to the 100MA. If this level does not continue, the support range can be called to generate a spring force. If we look at the RSI, we can conclude that the strength is about 62 below the resistance lines. The Force has managed to pass this key level and is trying to protect it. This is a bullish signal for the AAVE price. The stochastic RSI has reached the overbought level as long as it remains above the overbought line, AAVE is in a good bullish position to try on ATH. AAVE Intraday Levels Spot Price: $ 500 Trend: Bull Volatility: High Support: $ 466 Resistance: $ 523 Post-AAVE Price Analysis: AAVE Broke The 3-Month Trend When New High Price Seen At Coingape.

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