A year on, Cardano still fits its founder’s prediction – but we’re going there

It’s been a year since Charles Hoskinson predicted that Cardano would be one of the biggest projects in crypto. While Cardano has yet to justify the forecast, with no sign of dApps and smart contracts still available, there are signs of life and some positive changes to the project. 

Cardano may not be where Hoskinson predicted them a year ago, but they are definitely heading in the right direction. 

In 2020, Hoskinson tweeted showing his bullish character when it comes to Cardano. He tweeted that Cardano would see great innovation and growth in 2021. The Tweet said:, 

“Right now next year, I anticipate there will be hundreds of assets, thousands of applications, tons of interesting projects and a series of one-off and useful launches at Cardano. 2021 will be very exciting to watch Cardano grow and thrive. The community is certainly ready to innovate.”

However, smart contracts are still not getting into the platform, and dApps is also a long way off. 

In The Right Direction
But Cardano is moving in the right direction and has several reasons to be optimistic about the future of the protocol. For a start, Cardano is projected to be one of the three largest cryptocurrencies, along with bitcoin and Ethereum, and with the debut of Alonzo mainnet, we will soon see smart contracts and NFTS appear in Cardano. 

Morningstar Strategist Optimistic About Cardano 
Amy Arnott, portfolio manager at American investment giant Morningstar, predicted that Cardano, Bitcoin and Ethereum could be one of the “big three” in the cryptocurrency world. Arnott discussed the regulation of Cryptocurrency, Ethereum and Cardano in a conversation with Business Insider when they made their predictions. Arnott said::, 

“Cardano is similar to Ethereum in that it is a protocol with many potential technical applications. There is a lot of enthusiasm in Cardano and if

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