A reasonable man’s guide to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a paradigmatic transformation of humanity’s oldest technology: money. This guide is for those who are willing to look through this lens.
Below is a response to an interview by Professor Fabrizio Carmignani entitled “The Mannequin Guide to cryptography”, which I discovered was actually written by the mannequin mannequin.
It’s always fascinating when old pundits comment on a new paradigm that makes their old paradigm obsolete.
The classic meme that comes to mind shows Paul Krugman, who said in 2005 that there would be no impact on the Internet or the world economy, then for the machine and for the people that bitcoin was a $ 1, $ 10, $ 100 bubble söyledi.ve since then.

Trying to understand the meaning of the New using the lens of the old is as effective as asking a car mechanic to do heart surgery or asking a heart surgeon to fix a car. Both are operators of the same type, but the fields are different.
So let’s look at bitcoin from a bitcoin perspective. Careful, I said” bitcoin, ” not crypto. Why? Because crypto is much more like an old financial system, while bitcoin is a whole new monster.
But this is another conversation you can learn here.
What Is Bitcoin?This is a superior form of money that is not dependent on the central authority responsible for the publication or retention of the ledger. This is money based on the second law of thermodynamics, which converts energy into a constant, invariant unit of computation. It is an immutable network supported simultaneously by hundreds of thousands of nodes worldwide. This is a set of rules that anyone can volunteer and apply on an individual level. It is a substance that embodies each of the properties of money (divisibility, portability, knowability, interchangeability, divisibility, and scarcity), thus perfectly fulfilling the three functions of money:
It’s a great store of value because I know exactly how much I have against everything and I know I can’t

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