A plate network of helium taps for crypto-powered 5g distribution

Crypto startup Helium has shown that a private wireless network can be downloaded with tokens, and the original Internet of Things (IoT) network currently contains more than a quarter of a million active nodes. Now the same had to be done with a 5G connection, and the mobile and television service provider Dish Network signed up for help.

Today, Dish Network announced an agreement with Helium and its 5G ally FreedomFi, allowing dish wireless customers to share 5G wireless service by running the helium node and receiving the network hnt rewards token in return.

“Dish understands the potential that blockchain can have in the wireless communications industry, and as the first major operator to join the Public Network, this partnership is a real proof that the HNT incentive model is a powerful tool for large-scale deployment of infrastructure,” Frank Mong, Helium’s chief operating officer, told Decrypt.

“Together with Dish and FreedomFi,” he continued, “Helium 5G will have a much wider range from which the customer will benefit from the flywheel of network incentives and applications that it allows.”

The company’s first LongFi network from Helium was designed exclusively to power Internet of things devices such as sensors and trackers, and as noted, it currently hosts more than 250,000 user-managed nodes worldwide. The company says 500,000 nodes have been re-ordered, suggesting a significant october scale is on the horizon.

This network is not intended to work with devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, but it will be the new 5G network created in partnership with FreedomFi. Similarly, users who introduce new 5G nodes and create a distributed service network together will receive HNT crypto tokens that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

Mong told decoding that Freedomfi is currently sending the first batch of compatible 5G wireless nodes for the Helium network, and estimates that 40,000 nodes could be deployed by the end of 2022, depending on demand. Other equipment manufacturers are also working on 5G n

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