A member of the Argentine National Congress is introducing a bill allowing employees to receive salaries in bitcoins

Workers in Argentina can pay in BTC, take and maintain their wealth without fear of inflation.
The move was further strengthened today as José Luis Ramon, a member of the Argentine National Congress, introduced a bill stating that employees are in a dependency relationship, and exporters of services that will allow you to make full or partial payments with bitcoin.
The impressive message in this ad is what he says in the final sentence: “the idea is that they can strengthen their autonomy and retain the purchasing power of their rewards.”Argentine citizens had to face a crazy hyperinflation that did not allow them to preserve their wealth in the Argentine peso. Looking at the underlying inflation of the Argentine peso, they need bitcoin badly.

Ramon added: “this initiative stems from the need to promote greater autonomy and wage management without being subject to loss of rights or abuse in the context of labour relationships.”
Argentina appears to be following in the footsteps of El Salvador, which recently made bitcoin a legal tender. And that plays into the latest issue of members of Congress in South American countries advocating Bitcoin adoption.
Central banks and the fiat system have damaged these countries due to hyperinflation, depriving the majority of their citizens of a good financial infrastructure. The hardcover delivery of 21 million bitcoins frees them from further wealth evaporation and allows them to carry out banking transactions on their own.
According to Acuant, only 48.7% of Argentina’s population has a bank account. However, 78% have internet access. In Argentina, more people than ever will be able to get paid, accumulate their wealth and spend their money on bitcoins, thereby improving their quality of life. Beautiful.

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