A Camaraderie Survey Shows Entrepreneurs Are Concerned About El Salvador's Bitcoin Law

Camarasal, a well-known collaboration in El Salvador, published the results of a survey conducted this month. The survey shows that nearly 100% of Salvadorans are concerned about the implementation of the recently passed bitcoin supply law. Many criticize the mandatory nature of receiving bitcoin payments and do not expect this move to bring investment in the country. Camarasal Survey Highlights Concerns Over Enforcement of Bitcoin Procurement Law In just four days, the survey received more than 1,600 responses from entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. Regarding mass participation, Camarasal President Jorge Hasbún said: We believe this excellent response reflects how urgent this issue is for Salvadorans in terms of its impact on the daily family economy. More than 96% of surveyed entrepreneurs prefer to use an optional bitcoin for payments. Bitcoin purchase law forces entrepreneurs to accept bitcoin for payments as long as the entrepreneur manages the technological infrastructure. Similarly, 45.3% expressed concern that cryptocurrency circulation is mandatory in the country; 35.9% stated that it arouses distrust. Also, most entrepreneurs do not keep the bitcoin received as payment for their goods and services: 51.6% said they would exchange the received bitcoin for dollars. Bitcoin is also a highly volatile asset, which deters traders working with tight margins. Non-Entrepreneurs also surveyed Non-Skeptical Entrepreneurs from Bitcoin Camarasal, but the answers were not optimistic either. About the use of bitcoin as a medium of exchange, 36% said they were worried and 39% said they were suspicious. Wages and remittances were also discussed in the survey. el salvado

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