A $ 1200 incentive check would now cost $ 8,765 if it had been used to buy Bitcoin

If you bought bitcoin in April 2020, your $ 1,200 incentive check today would cost about $ 8,765.
If you bought bitcoin in April 2020, your $ 1,200 incentive check today would cost about $ 8,765.
On March 27, 2020, after the U.S. government brought our economy to a deplorable end with blockages and other mandates as a result of a turbulent and misleading overreaction to the virus’s natural spread, President Donal Trump signed the coronavirus-related relief, relief and Economic Security Act.also known as the Care Act.

Payments of $ 1,200 were made to every American with income below the marginal level, $ 75,000 in adjusted gross income, or $ 150,000 for married couples who had to file jointly. Most Americans fall into this category.

This incident exacerbated the already uncontrollable inflation problem in the US. The Care Act brought another $ 2.2 trillion to the economy and set a precedent for more cash pressures. The challenge of printing more money is to reduce marginal utility. As the Fed presses, the amount of money they need to fund what they want increases, and subsequent pressures become more important.

Don’t be fooled. Printing money is not even a quick solution to the problem. This will not stimulate the economy in the long term. Inflation is a hidden, slow form of taxation. This grows at the expense of your time.

The negative effects of inflation are felt by bankers and those who work in or with the government in high positions, those closest to the money printer. Conversely, the consequences are felt by average Americans and those abroad who are affected by a natural disaster in the economy, where our government first intervenes centrally to plan (for control).

The cantilon effect is that the U.S. government gently, almost unnoticed, raises the temperature so that the Frog does not jump out of its mythical crucibles.
Misconception that we need inflation to support a growing population

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