7 Upcoming Apple Products We’re Excited About in 2021

With multiple releases in the Apple spring event and a handful of rumors coursing around the tech industry, 2021 is expected to be a packed year for Apple. Word on the street is that the fall event will break out some major products to add to the list of this year’s releases.

Here’s an overview of the products we can look forward to copping in 2021.

1. iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s?

The iPhone 13 is expected to launch in September 2021 at Apple’s fall event.

The first change in the upcoming iPhone may as well be in its name. Numerous rumors across social media have recently popped up, indicating that Apple may switch from iPhone 13 to iPhone 12s instead. This was a format Apple adopted until the iPhone 6 but could potentially make a comeback this year.

Another feature that is increasingly being backed up by various sources is the inclusion of an on-screen Touch ID in the iPhone 13. Talk about a helpful feature, especially with the global population unable to use Face ID outdoors due to wearing masks consistently.

When it comes to structure, the new iPhone may be thicker than the previous versions, which will allow a larger battery and, consequently, a better battery life. Furthermore, an unofficial picture of its screen protector shows a smaller display notch compared to the current conventional ones.

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The most significant change is expected to be in its rear camera, with all three lenses distinctly wider. The bigger aperture will allow it to let in more light to improve quality. Additionally, it will probably have better zooming capabilities and drastic improvements in night photography.

Talk of a complete shift to wireless charging for one of the iPhone 13 models was high at one point, but that was quickly squashed out by analytics on social media and does not seem likely to be incorporated.

When it comes to colors, Apple usually has something up its sleeve to boost sales. With this iPhone, a bronze, orange, and matte black iPhone 13 is expected at launch.

2. iPad Pro

Since its launch in Apple’s spring event 2021, the new iPad Pro has been the talk of the industry. This is due to numerous reasons, the main one being the introduction of the M1 MacBook Air processor chip into the iPad, transforming it into an unparalleled, high-speed, robust device.

The M1 chip being part of the iPad’s hardware has consequently instigated many features, including ten-hour battery life, enhanced display, and new rear and front cameras.

3. Apple Watch Series 7

Apple is expected to announce the Watch Series 7 alongside the iPhone 13 in September 2021. This is a relatively solid guess as Apple Watch Series 3, 4, 5, and 6 were announced in September successively throughout the years. Alongside the release date, the price points are also expected to remain the same.

There are not many viable rumors regarding the Apple Watch Series 7, but little information is still circulating in the tech industry. The most prominent ones seem to be directed towards upgrades in the health and fitness features.

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It is rumored that the Apple Watch Series 7 will be able to monitor blood glucose levels through the skin. If this is true, this will prove to be incredibly convenient for diabetics and the elderly, who have to resort to repeatedly pricking their fingers to get this done. Blood pressure monitoring may also be an additional feature in this category.

The design and structure are still a big question mark. While some sources report a colossal redesign, some argue against it. Details on this will undoubtedly come forward as the release date gets closer

Apple also seems to be experimenting with a longer battery life between charges, more resistance to extreme environmental conditions, and a built-in Touch ID.

4. iMac

With vibrant color options, an upgrade to extremely slender bezels, and a 4.5K Retina display, the new iMac launched in the spring event flaunted a major redesign.

Apart from a structural makeover, new specs were also installed into the iMac. It boasts better microphones, a 1080p FaceTime HD Camera, and a six-speaker sound system. This makes the desktop device an excellent addition for all your pandemic-induced Zoom calls and meetings.

The iMac also comes with some fun accessorizing to the mouse, keyboard, and trackpad. Apple has customized all these three items to match the seven new iMac colors, allowing you to get a fantastic matching set.

The only significant complaint that some seem to have is the ever-lasting presence of the chin on the desktop, something Apple users are looking forward to being replaced. However, the spectacular processing power downplays all cons of the new iMac.

5. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

The release of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is expected to be in the third quarter of 2021 but could extend until the beginning of 2022. Both the models are expected to undergo stunning design renovations and will be significantly slimmer and more lightweight than their predecessors.

A much-awaited change might be made if Apple follows through with expectations of thinner bezels, allowing the display to take up more space and giving the MacBook a sleeker finish.

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There are quite a few leaks regarding the return of MagSafe charging technology to the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. MagSafe charging is a wireless magnetic charging system that was present in the MacBook models up until 2017.

The MagSafe charging system was a safe and secure way to charge your MacBook as it removed the threat of your device falling to the floor with an accidental yank or tug of the charging cable.

Some other rumored hardware changes for the MacBook Pro include replacing the touchpad with physical keys and an increased number of ports on the device. For the MacBook Air, we can expect two USB 4 ports and the inclusion of a headphone jack.

6. AirTags

Apple took its own sweet time launching its brand-new AirTags in the spring event, as rumors were consistently swarming around social media for over a year. In short, the AirTags are Bluetooth devices to aid you in finding lost items.

Attach your AirTag to any valuable item you may fear losing, like your wallet or your keys, and use the Find My network to look for it. Lost the item with your AirTag attached? You can switch your AirTag to Lost Mode. Anyone who picks up the item can tap the tracker and view a contact number to return it to you.

What’s more, you can customize your AirTag with an engraving and grab an exclusive Hermès keychain to attach your AirTag to.

7. Apple 4K TV

The newest Apple 4K TV retails at $179 for the 32GB version and $199 for the 64GB one, which matches the rate of its predecessor.

The major upgrade, however, is seen with the remote rather than the TV itself. Apple TV users seem to like the upgrade with its color-contrasting and prominent buttons. Apart from that, no significant redesigning is displayed on the Apple 4K TV compared to its older version.

Apple has made some hardware changes to the new TV, though.

What’s Next for Apple?

Apple has released a good range of products in the early half of 2021, albeit a lot later than usual. And, with all the circulating rumors, the latter half of the year seems to be promising for Apple as well.

Other products like the AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AR Smart Glasses, and the iPhone SE are being heavily teased as the next upcoming products, but there is no indication of an expected release date. Apple may choose to drop them in 2021 or opt to stretch out the release similar to their ploy with the AirTags. We’ll have to wait and see.

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