6 Ways to Save on Ethereum Gas Costs

Last week to get your unbanked badge! Bankless DAO has a price for you next week. Reserve Your Bankless Badge Dear Bankless Nation, We said it last week when we hit the Polygon, but we'll say it again … Ethereum gas costs are bad for DeFi users right now. The good thing is that the industry is approaching every day to merge with Eth2 and offer different scaling solutions. While sidechains like Polygon and xDAI continue to clear up potential congestion, we're seeing Ethereum L2s like Optimism and Arbitrum (launching this week?) Coming closer to launching the mainnet. However, we still like to use DeFi on the Ethereum mainnet. Nothing is that much fun. And it's worth it (who got their airdrop from Gitcoin today ?! 🚨). So the question becomes: What steps can we take to minimize gas costs? William gives us six ideas. This way you save on gasoline and save your precious ETH. – RSA 🙏 Sponsor: Balancer – Earn BAL $ when you trade tokens on Balancer. 📺 Watch State of the Nation Episode 47! 📺 Discover the State of the Nation # 47: Gitcoin DAO | Kevin Owocki We chat with the founder of Gitcoin to discuss the recently released Gitcoin DAO and GTC governance token. We premiere State of the Nation every Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST on YouTube – join in! Tactic Tuesday Guest Author: William M. Peaster, Bankless & Metaversal Author Contributor 6 Ways to Save on Ethereum Gas Costs As demand for Ethereum reached new highs, Ethereum gas prices have become painful. Spending all those gwei's every day can increase your profits and cause headaches for any local crypto actively using the network. This tactic explores a number of strategies you can adopt to lower and lower your gas costs. Purpose: To explore gas minimization techniques. Skill: medium effort: ~ 30 min. Up to ~ 1 hour. ROI: ETH savings by lowering your gas costs. Ethereum Gas 101 ⛽Gas is the fundamental building block of Ethereum. Simply put, this is the amount of ETH users pay to do business on the Ethereum network. There:

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