5 next cryptocurrency to buy in autumn July 2021 Week 3

Want to buy the next cryptocurrency in the fall? We have a perfect overview for you with popular names like XRP, BTC and favorite crowd Polygon. Let’s get started.
1. Ripple (XRP)
Ripple Labs ‘ XRP is leading our next cryptocurrency purchase, given its unique use case in Settings.
Ripple Labs, a blockchain company focused on providing free, low-cost, high-speed cross-border payment services, has established partnerships in key international Sundays.
While the company is currently suing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the sale of the XRP coin in 2013, Ripple is still worth paying attention to.
Using the proprietary consensus algorithm of the Ripple protocol (RPCA), Ripple is a payment system and exchange network that performs transactions worldwide.
Despite its gradual shift to calculations related to digital asset transactions, Ripple focuses mainly on Fiat currencies. It set a goal to optimize Swift’s cross-border payment network.
Blockchain protocol, Bank of America (BoA), MoneyMatch, SBI Holdings, Japan, American Express, Santander, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), and others, including financial houses, and partners.
Using the XRP token, Ripple allows users to pay for transactions on the XRP blockchain ledger.
Transaction costs are only 0.00001 XRP, making it one of the best tools for increasing value beyond limits. The Federal consensus algorithm makes it environmentally friendly because verifier nodes do not need to compete for validation of transactions on the ripple blockchain compared to health verification protocols (PoW).
There has been a lot of volatility in XRP since December 2020. After the SEC announced a lawsuit against the company, the value of XRP fell 14%. However, over the past few months the cryptocurrency has risen, reaching a record $ 1.75 before falling on April 15.
Kriptorynka collapse observed, XRP and other altcos

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