4 Ways the New Amazon Echo Buds Are Better Than the Originals

The latest Echo Buds from Amazon have introduced a number of new features making it a clear improvement over the older, first-generation model. The updated look and functionality combined with competitive pricing put it on the same level as other big-name brand earbuds.

Here are all the improvements the new Echo Buds bring over the previous model and what you can expect when purchasing a new pair.

1. More User-Friendly Design

Compared to the original earbuds, the latest Amazon Echo Buds are about 20% smaller in size so they not only fit better inside your ear but don’t stick out as much either.

The shortened nozzle keeps them from poking out but doesn’t solve the problem when laying on your side. You will still feel an uncomfortable pressure in their ear when laying down for the night.

Amazon also added a vent inside of the earbuds, similar to Apple’s AirPods Pro or Samsung Galaxy Buds, to cut down on some of the pressure when putting them in.

This makes the Echo Buds more comfortable when they are in your ear but also presents a different issue. If you turn off the noise cancellation feature to save some battery, you will hear a fair amount of ambient noise because of the vent.

2. New Ear Fit Test

Another improvement over the older Echo Buds is the ear fit test you can employ using Alexa and the built-in microphones.

Once you have your buds fully in, Alexa will let you know if you’ve achieved a good seal by playing a few sounds and measuring how much of that sound leaks out to the external mics.

This is helpful when using your Echo Buds to workout so you can be sure they won’t fall out during a difficult movement.

Not that it has much functional use, but Amazon also got rid of the glossy finish of the original buds and replaced it with a matte design.

The inside of your earbuds that go in the ear still has a gloss finish, but once they are in, no one will be able to see it.

3. New and Improved Charging Case

Another way the new Echo Buds have improved from the previous model is the charging case.

Almost 40% smaller than the original, Amazon is trying to make it as compact as possible while still offering good battery life. The new design has a flatter build with a large, deep lid.

The new case is able to recharge your buds up to two times without needing a charge itself. Considering the newest buds can last up to 5 hours with active noise cancellation enabled, you shouldn’t have any troubles traveling or using them throughout the day.

If you disable ANC and Alexa, you can stretch your battery life to up to 6.5 hours.

Although impressive, this still doesn’t match up to the battery life of the old charging case. That one recharged your buds up to three times without needing to be plugged in.

Even though the battery life might not last as long in the new case, you have an improved LED light charging system to monitor your usage.

Both earbuds have their own LED charging light system as well as the case itself. This allows you to be in complete control of your device and how much power it has left.

4. Better Noice Cancellation Features

One of the most important features of earbuds is the ability to block out distracting background noises.

To do this, noise-canceling technology is used that removes ambient noise from your listening experience.

The newest Amazon Echo Buds have drastically improved their ANC feature from its previous model.

The main reason is that for the first time, Amazon has built the entire technology in-house. That’s compared to the first-generation model, which borrowed technology from Bose.

The borrowed technology was actually noise reduction and not noise cancellation, so it’s easy to see why Amazon claims their newest model has twice the ability to cancel out background noise than the previous model.

Amazon hasn’t created tech that outperforms other competing brands quite yet, but it has caught up to the ability to effectively cancel out background noise.

The newer model also includes pass-through technology, which allows important noises like a car horn or someone yelling to come through, even if you have ANC enabled.

Better Amazon Echo Buds

There is no denying that the newest Echo Buds from Amazon have improved in almost every way compared to the first generation.

Better noise cancellation technology, sleeker design, and a better charging case make it heads above the older model.

Source: https://www.makeuseof.com/4-ways-the-new-amazon-echo-buds-are-better-than-the-originals/

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