$ 3 million investment tour for ChainSwap led by NGC Ventures

ChainSwap acts as an application hub and cross-chain asset bridge and recently successfully completed a $ 3 million strategic funding round. DeFi and some of the biggest names in the crypto industry took part in this funding round. Announcement of Key Players Affiliated to ChainSwap was made on April 7, 2021. ChainSwap revealed that it is raising this money to accelerate their goal of building a multi-wealthy, multi-channel app center. As for the participants on this funding round, there were big names in the DeFi and Crypto space. Players such as OK Block Dream Fund (OKEx's venture fund arm), Alameda Research, Spark Digital Capital, NGC Ventures, CMS Holdings, Metaconstant Ventures, SRC Capital, Rarestone Capital and DAO Ventures were all among many. other. ChainSwap Prepares for Change As for what the ChainSwap platform does, it allows different projects to fill the gap between Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and even Huobi Eco Chain (Heco). ChainSwap later revealed that it plans to integrate cross-chain solutions for Polkadot, Bitcoin and Solana, and even started working on the Polkastarter bridge on March 21, 2021. Currently, the protocol includes 18 tokens supported from various platforms. Such as POLS, FEI and RAI stabilcoins from Polkastarter, STRONG from Strongblock, VTX Token from Vortex and a lesser known series of listings. All these tokens can then be exchanged seamlessly between all three of this supported blockchain network. Major Improvements in Cross-Platform DeFi In addition, ChainSwap aims to launch its own token to be launched by issuing to AntiMatter Token (MATTER) holders and protocol users. As for what AntiMatter Finance is, it comes across as a persistent on-chain DeFi derivative protocol that currently runs on a test network and is known to be a lightweight protocol for booting. Should not be now Read more

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