2021 developer grant applications accepted

Coinbase’s mission is to increase economic freedom in the world through crypto economics. To achieve this, a common infrastructure must be developed that is transparent, safe, reliable and will benefit all participants.
To help with these community efforts, we launched our Crypto Community Fund in 2020 and dedicated $ 2 million to our charity, Coinbase, to expand the program in 2021. Today, we are officially looking for applications for our 2021 developer grants for blockchain developers who directly contribute to the code base of the blockchain, or for researchers who have published official documents dedicated to one or more of the following topics:
Scalability: scalability is a major obstacle to implementation. Current development varies with Level 2 protocols and has different consensus mechanisms and Level 1 structures. Although much of this work has high monetary value, we aim specifically to fund new approaches and applications where it is not easy to make money (e.g. convolutions derived from mathematics/graph theories).Privacy, identity, and zero knowledge research: financial privacy is a critical and necessary development for the widespread and secure adoption of cryptography. In a world where personal privacy is increasingly at risk, we acknowledge that the public and ongoing transfer of transaction history may be at stake. We are open to all applications related to this area, but we are particularly interested in composite privacy-related development, a privacy protection that can be combined with smart contract ecosystems. This can be useful, for example, for academic research with zero levels of knowledge.Protocol security, audit research, developer experience and other essential infrastructure: crypto economy should be secure for all users, and this is only possible if the Protocols themselves can be verified. This can take the form of a better developer experience, so it’s easier to avoid common mistakes, improve audit tools, or even work to strengthen our statics

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