2020 US Elections: YouGov predicts Biden winning 382 votes

As per the final model of the YouGov’s US 2020 election poll, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is up for a landslide victory versus the current President Donald Trump.

Details suggest a tipping point for the states like Pennsylvania with Democrats likely having 46% chances of success versus 53% odds favoring the Republican win. Further, the race is also getting tough in North Carolina and Georgia while South Carolina and Indiana back the hopes of a blue wave, a situation where the Democratic Party governs in both the US houses.

Other than the state-wise data, overall forecasts highlight a 382 elector vote victory for Joe Biden, versus 270 required for a majority.

Even so, the London-based reasearch organization said, "Contrary to some claims, it is pretty good and allows us to calibrate our samples to actual votes in the past election."

Market implications

Despite being the survey from the trusted UK researcher, S&P 500 Futures await more clues of a blue wave while catching a breather around 3,360 after two consecutive days of the rise in the current week.

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