$ 2 Bilgoen asset manager, Capital International Group Kupt 12% Van Microstrategia

With 105 084 bitcoins in existence, MicroStrategy is the largest bitcoin conglomerate on the planet. More than 111,000 BTC are owned by entities controlled by Michael Saylor.

International Capital Group Buys Part Of Its MicroStrategy
Capital International Group, A Los Angeles-based asset manager worth $ 2.3 trillion, has announced a 12.2 percent stake in the micro-strategy focused on bitcoin, according to the SEC.

Capital Group currently holds a $ 560 million stake in MicroStrategy, making it the company’s second-largest shareholder after BlackRock owns a $ 700 million holding company.

In appearance, the International Capital Group was named CII:

CII is considered the beneficiary owner of 953,242 shares, or 12.2% of the 7,782,568 shares considered to be in circulation.

Capital International Group serves a wide range of clients in the financial sector, including family offices, asset managers, retirement managers and others. While asset management has not officially commented on bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, the investment in micro strategy suggests it could gain greater access to digital assets.

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MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor has become a celebrity in bitcoin circles thanks to the company’s bitcoin holdings, which now hold more than 105,000 tokens. According to previous reports, the company that operates the data analysis platform spent a total of $ 2.7 billion on bitcoin and issued shares to do so.

Bitcoin has been labelled the” main ” reserve asset of the MicroStrategy Treasury, implying that the cryptocurrency is used for day-to-day cash management. The company’s bitcoin holdings are now in a newly formed subsidiary called MacroStrategy LLC.

Although MicroStrategy has a strong business model in the field of corporate data analysis, investors see the company as a potential alternative

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