📺 PANEL: Current state of DeFi | Vance Spencer, Santiago Santos, Spencer Noon

If you have an LP with PieDAO, you can earn some serious DOUGH! Learn how with this guide🥧 Earn with PieDAO In this special episode of Bankless, we bring together the brightest minds in the room to discuss where DeFi is and where we're going. And as always, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube channel 😎 📺 DEFI PANEL🎙️Listen to the podcast | 📺 Watch Bankless Sponsor Tools:💰 GEMINI | FIAT & CRYPTO EXCHANGE https://bankless.cc/go-gemini​ BUT METAMASK | DEFI PASSPORT https://bankless.cc/metamask​ 🦄 UNISWAP | DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE http://bankless.cc/uniswap​ 🔀 KWENTA | SYNTHETIC ASSET EXCHANGE https://bankless.cc/kwenta PANEL: Current Status of DeFiGuests: Vance Spencer, Santiago Santos and Spencer No. June 10, 2021 We seem to be living a pivotal moment in the story of decentralized finance. It will become clear that we are at a tipping point from different perspectives from macro to micro, from collective to individual and from economic to social. As we witness the emergence of a new technology ecosystem, the risks and consequences increase. Therefore, it only makes sense to gather some of DeFi's brightest minds in one panel to hold a summit on where we are and where we are going. This panel consisted of Santiago Santos of Parafi Capital, Vance Spencer of Framework Ventures and Spencer Noon of Variant Fund. In general terms, DeFi refers to open, blockchain-based finance. The root of this pile consists of primitive financial services – borrowing, lending, trading, escrow, etc. money acts. It involves programming smart contracts to execute the logic that transfers value to the blockchain. Within these parameters there is endless expressive power and space to explore. The Internet of Value has become a game of optimizing capital efficiency through logic. The winners of this game are protocols, applications, individuals and institutions that maximize vulnerability while minimizing counterparty risk.

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