Порнохаб Омарм Bitcoin. Is the Vaar act just about nieth’s histories?

When Visa and Mastercard stopped payments to the adult pornhub website last year, concerned about weak policies aimed at preventing minors from placing content, the site used bitcoin payments.

Only faced with a similar conundrum did fans decide to talk to the adults in the room for so long. In the process, there could be an opportunity for cryptocurrency-prone competitors.

OnlyFans, the online subscription service that has become one of the top 400 websites in the world and connects viewers directly to creators (mostly adult-oriented models), has given up its biggest gains and banned sexually explicit material. “while it says nudity is still allowed as long as it meets compliance standards, pornography will not.

The culprits, according to the company, are probably the ones you’d expect: “banking partners and payment providers”who aren’t big fans of facilitating payments to a platform known for pornography. 

While Pornhub has found a way to allow cash flow to flow through cryptocurrency payments only for Premium subscriptions, users expecting to make $ 1.2 billion this year alone have benefited from its payment systems.

That leaves a gap in space, says Ellie Yves Knox, an adult worker and consultant at SpankChain, an Ethereum-based token created specifically to help sex workers earn their wages more easily. To date, onlyfans has been the largest source of revenue for adult content. 

Exclusive: inside the SpankChain story
what [OnlyFans] gave us was a place for a paid subscription (subscription fee), content with a content store (a place to deliver and sell content) and live streams of the site (content that can be opened at a price), ‘ Knox told decipher. “We’ve had all these decoupled sites for a while, but [OnlyFans] have been able to put them together.”;

This element of” one window ” means that creating an alternative to cryptocurrency will not be as easy as placing several payment addresses on bitcoins. However, Knox said & qu

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