Всего $ 71,05 Ethereum Klasik prijs винстен 8,8% – ваар копен in t. D

Ethereum Classic is a leading player in the cryptocurrency market. The Sunday made an incredible profit last month. Like many altcoins, ETC was instrumental in the cryptocurrency market reaching a market capitalization of $ 2 trillion.
Ethereum Classic is trading at $ 71.05 at the time of writing, after rising 12.1% in 24 hours.
Ethereum classic price analysis source: Tradingview Ethereum Classic’s volatility has increased in recent days and so ETC has achieved an impressive gain in prices. The coin is currently on its way to new highs of $ 76 and will test that level again if there is strong buyer support.
Currently, by buying Ethereum Classic, market support is strong, and as buyers grow and increase demand, the currency could be driven by an even bigger upward trend. Trading at more than $ 70 hit a three-month high for the coin, bringing the biggest profit since the market crashed in May.
Since July, the ETC has risen and fallen in a random way, informing investors that the decline could also be repeated. However, the dips are always changing and altcoin has managed to continue its bullish rally. If ETC falls, a lower level of support for altcoin would be $ 68. If buyers jump now, it will encourage big profits.
Most of Ethereum Classic’s profits come from supporting the market. Since Ethereum still receives a significant dividend, etc has benefited from this, hence the recent upward trend. Therefore, we can observe the decline in the prices of the ETC, since Ethereum also falls given that the two coins are connected in the price movement.
Ethereum Classic is an open source platform that runs on smart contracts such as ethereum. The main difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is that the latter decisively decides to retain the original version of ethereum core code. Therefore, ethereum is a good choice for those who believe in preserving its authenticity.
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